Flashdance (Keith's Fantasy Club)

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Blackflash & Blackdance
Keith's Fantasy Club character
Keith's Fantasy Club Flashdance
Created by

Keith's Fantasy Club
Release number

CST-05B & CST-06B
Aliases Black Airdancer
Species Transformer


Black Redeco Clan
Alternate mode

Jet and tank

Flashdance is an original third-party Transformer made by Keith's Fantasy Club in 2013.

Keith's Fantasy Club

Flashdance is a third-party Transformer. She is made up of two microcassettes that turn into a tank and a jet or combine into a robot.

Because the character of Flashdance wasn't developed until after this toy up for preorder, it's usually sold as black Airdancer in stores.


Keith's Fantasy Club announced a black recolor of their Airdancer toy on their Facebook page in October 2013.[1]

Biographies for Blackflash, Blackdance and Flashdance were posted on Facebook page in November 2013.

Flashdance shipped in November 2013.


The Cybercast podcast for October 26th, 2013 discussed Keith's Fantasy Club black Airdancer in the news.[2]

The Retro Robot Radio podcast for October 26th, 2013 covered black Airdancer in the news.[3]

Fictional biography


Hailing from steel town, this girl is a member of the Black Redeco Clan who focuses on night-time missions, the first clue her enemies have that he is on the scene is when the flash of her turret firing gives her away, by which point it is nearly always too late. She enjoys wartime so much, people have often said “she's a maniac, maniac”, but that's what its like living on the ice blue line of insanity.


What a feeling! To be flying through the air, unencumbered. Beings believing. Blackdance is a simple soul, she likes nothing more than flying through the air. Actually, that's not true, her favourite thing in the world is to powerlink with her lifelong partner Blackflash. Together, the two of them can dance right through each others lives.


The combined form of Blackdance and Blackflash, Flashdance can out-dance any other robot known to man, except those dancing sunflowers from the eighties. Something happens when she hears the music...it's her freedom. It's her fire. It's her life.


  • Keith's Fantasy Club CTS-05B Blackflash & CST-06B Blackdance (2013)
A black and silver recolor of Airdancer.
Blackflash turns from tank to microcassette and comes with three weapons.
Blackdance turns from jet to microcassette and comes with two weapons.
They combine into the humanoid robot Flashdance.
The toys shipped without packaging or biography cards, with their biographies printed online.



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