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Background information
Birth name Fabian Wayne Edwards
Born 16 November 1999 (1999-11-16) (age 23)
Mandeville, Jamaica
Origin Mandeville, Jamaica
Genres Reggae, dancehall
Occupations Singer, Record Producer, Songwriter
Years active 2021–present
Labels WrldClassic Records / Dejuan Records
Associated acts Swoonshop, MedzMusic Records, Dejuan Records, WrldClassic Records

Fabian Wayne Edwards professionally known as FireVerse is a Jamaican dancehall and reggae artist from Mandeville, Jamaica. He became active in early 2021 and has released albums on the record labels, WrldClassic Records. FireVerse is popular known for his single Reggae Music that featuring reggae legendary Singer-songwriter Luciano and Kreative, the song was produced and released by WrldClassic Records in 2021 that gained popularity in 2022 a year after that led FireVerse with an interview with Calipost.[1]

Life and career

Born Fabian Wayne Edwards in Mandeville, Jamaica FireVerse is the first Boy child for both mom and dad, most of his teenage life he spent with his great-grandmother that raised him, FireVerse mom wasn't around at the time she was away in a different island, his father wasn't the type of guy that take care of his child.[2] At the age of 16 FireVerse started performing then moved to Kingston, Jamaica when he was 19-year-old to pursue a musical career, in early 2021 FireVerse release Reggae Music[3] featuring Kreative and Luciano that gained him popularity in 2022.[4][5] On February 18 2022 FireVerse team up with German record producer Swoonshop, both collaborate on Place Bun Up single that led to European DJs attention when he drops Old Raggamuffin Style that become a popular dub in Germany. [6]he started working with Dejuan Records that produced Blue Note.[7] after dropping the single, they also drop another banger song that title Dreams, the song inspired FireVerse to create the Ep From Insult to injury that was announced the day before its released on Disrupt Magazine.[8] He was later featured on the artist spotlight on Honk Magazine with his latest single Dancehall Culture featuring Swoonshop.[9][10]


  • Reggae Music (2021)
  • Blue Note (2022)
  • Dreams (2022)
  • Millionaire Status (2022)
  • From insult to injury ep (2022)
  • Dancehall Culture (2022)
  • Place Bun Up (2022)
  • Old Raggamufin Style (2022)
  • WrldClassic ep (2022)
  • Rate Yourself (2022)


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