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Film City, also known as Film City, Mumbai, is a renowned film and television studio complex located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Established in 1977, it has become a significant landmark and a major hub for the Indian film and television industry, commonly known as Bollywood. Spread over an extensive area of 520 square kilometers, Film City offers state-of-the-art facilities and has played a vital role in shaping the Indian entertainment industry.


The inception of Film City can be traced back to the vision of the Maharashtra state government, which aimed to establish a dedicated studio complex to support the growing film and television industry. In 1977, the government allocated a vast tract of land in the Goregaon area of Mumbai to build Film City. Designed by renowned architect Prem Kishore, the complex was meticulously planned to cater to the diverse requirements of the entertainment industry.


Film City encompasses a multitude of facilities designed to facilitate the production of films, television shows, and other forms of visual media. The complex boasts numerous indoor and outdoor shooting locations, including meticulously crafted sets replicating diverse environments such as urban neighborhoods, rural villages, historical landmarks, and even foreign locales. These versatile sets enable filmmakers to bring their creative visions to life effectively.

The studio complex also houses a range of advanced production facilities, including sound stages, post-production suites, editing rooms, dubbing theaters, and equipment rental services. Additionally, Film City provides dedicated spaces for rehearsals, workshops, and training programs, further enhancing the artistic and technical capabilities of industry professionals.

Cultural Significance

Film City has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the Indian film industry. It has served as a breeding ground for countless aspiring actors, directors, technicians, and other industry professionals, offering them a platform to showcase their talent. Over the years, Film City has witnessed the creation of iconic films and television shows that have captivated audiences worldwide, contributing significantly to the cultural heritage of India.

Beyond its creative endeavors, Film City has also emerged as a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can explore the complex through guided tours and gain insights into the behind-the-scenes aspects of film and television production. The complex often buzzes with activity, offering visitors glimpses of shooting schedules, celebrity sightings, and the overall glamour associated with the entertainment industry.


Film City is managed by the Government of Maharashtra through the Film City Mumbai Corporation (FCMC). The Chairman of FCMC, currently Sanjay Deshmukh, oversees the operations and development of the complex. The management actively works towards improving infrastructure, upgrading facilities, and promoting collaborations with industry stakeholders to keep Film City at the forefront of the Indian entertainment industry.

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