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Ferrat Destine
Born June 9, 1983
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Nationality American
Citizenship United States
Occupation Entrepreneur, writer
Known for CEO of Impress Service LLC
https://www.impressservice.com/, http://www.destineferrat.com/

Ferrat Destine is a Haitian-born American entrepreneur and writer. Currently, he is working as the chairman and CEO of Impress Service LLC.[1][2] He has initiated various projects including the TVseries Haiti, un Nouveau Regard, the series of meetings Qui êtes-vous?, the collaboration with Ticket Magazine and the first Haitian photonovel Les Dessous Inavoues.[3][4]

Personal Life

Ferrat is a multi-talented personality, who was born in Port au Prince, Haiti[5] and grew up in the Cul-de-sac Plain[6][7] before moving to America in the mid-2000s.[1][8] He currently lives in New Jersey.[9][10]

He was named after the famous French composer Jean Ferrat,[1] a well-known author and entrepreneur[8]. Ferrat finds inspiration from Jean Ferrat. Jean was his father’s idol and hence, named his son as Ferrat too.[6][7] Back in Haiti, he was known as The Project Man because of his successful initiation of a series of projects.[11][4] The entrepreneur is inspired by his father, who happens to be an entrepreneur.[5]


Ferrat completed his primary education from Saint Louis de Gonzague in 1997 and secondary studies at the Grand College L'humanisme[11][4] in 2004[12] before leaving Haiti. He moved to the United States in 2012[5][9] and completed his graduation from the Union County College in information systems and technology[4] in 2017[12][7]. He then transferred to Rutgers University in Newark where he spent a year before dropping out to pursue entrepreneurship.[5]


Ferrat published his collection of poems from an early age under the name Sentimental virus and his e-book[8] is also among his achievements.[1][2] Before his proceeding to Trihum Magazine[9][12], he had been appointed as the director of publication of Printemps Magazine in 1999[6][7] and later he moved to Connexion Magazine.[13] Ferrat’s work is quite different and interesting. He also designed Qui êtes-vous?[13][3] It’s a French word with the meaning of who are you?.[9][12] It was a great source for connecting students of different educational institutes with various Haitian artists in different music genres.[11][5] Ferrat has collaboration with Ticket Magazine, a Haitian cultural newspaper in 2007.[14] While, later in 2009, he also collaborated with Spotlight.[6][2] Les Dessous inavoues is the first Haitian photo novel,[1][11] published by Ferrat Destine, in 2008.[4] Sogebank was the supporter of this photo novel[2][13] and supported by the Prime Minister also.[7][6]

Before the 2009 earthquake, Ferrat launched a program, broadcasted on Haitian's National Television, named Haiti, un nouveau regard.[6][7] This program was based on a series of socio-cultural exchanges, with students from different universities in Haiti.[8][5] Because of his reliable and interesting work to promote Haiti and its culture[1], he was appointed promoter of Haitian culture by Prime minister Marie Laurence Jacelyn Lassegue.[12][13]

After trying his hands on several businesses, he founded the company Impress Service LLC.Which is a renowned cleaning agency in New Jersey.[5][15] He works as the CEO of Impress Service LLC and also a writer of Inspired for change.[8][16] Apart from his offering to literature, Ferrat has been running his own blog to influence others positively and motivate everyone around him.[3][7] He has been raising funds for various organizations like for Lupus Foundation of America, Children's Cancer Research Fund and has donated to support the wildfire in Jackson County, Oregon USA.[9]


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