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Female Autobots are a subgroup of Autobots in the Transformers franchise, so-called because they typically resemble humanoid females to some degree; they are usually depicted as being less common than "male" Autobots.


Generation 1

Animated series

Female Transformers were apparently among the early creations of the Quintessons, as Beta was shown as a member of Alpha Trion's resistance movement. In The Transformers female Decepticons were not known to exist, perhaps indicating that female Cybertronians sided universally with the Autobots in this continuity. Foremost among the female Autobots was Elita One, the love of Optimus Prime, who with many of her followers was left behind on Cybertron when the Ark departed the planet. The female Autobots disappeared so completely that the Decepticons believed them to be extinct until a raiding party consisting of Chromia, Firestar, and Moonracer were caught attempting to steal Energon cubes from one of Shockwave's facilities. Upon learning of this, Megatron dispatched a force of Decepticons to find and capture Elita One for the purpose of forcing Optimus Prime to surrender; this plot was thwarted when the female Autobots were joined by their male counterparts from Earth.

The female Autobots were aided by Alpha Trion, who also had a hand in Elita One coming to be; after rebuilding Orion Pax into Optimus Prime, he used Prime's schematics to rebuild his badly injured girlfriend Ariel into Elita. Elita's group of female Autobots were not seen again in the series-their ultimate fate was left unknown-but additional female Transformers did make appearances, most notably Arcee and the Paradron Medics.

Beast Wars and Beast Machines introduced additional female Transformers who, interestingly enough, were all originally Autobots or Maximals. The only ones known to have joined an opposing faction did so only after being reprogrammed or else convinced that doing so was in the best interest of Cybertron.

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