Farrukh Ikram

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Farrukh Ikram
Farrukh Ikram
Native name Farrukh Ikram
Born 1961
Karachi, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Education Karachi University
Occupation CEO of Millac Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Farrukh Ikram is the Director and CEO of Millac Foods Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd.[1] and under his dynamic leadership, MFPL has established itself as the premier dairy processing company in Pakistan.

Early life and education

Born in 1961, Ikram spent the initial years of his childhood in Chittagong, East Pakistan. After his family moved to Karachi, he completed his school and college education at premier institutions to become a graduate in science from Karachi University in 1983.

While he was a student, Ikram's father familiarized him with the import and distribution of dairy and other products, the most notable amongst then was Horlicks (Malted Milk), the household name in the sub-continent for an energy drink.[2]

Early career

After graduation, Ikram was posted at the family-owned sweetened condensed milk plant at Jhang, where he was responsible for production and procurement. During his stay at Jhang, he was invited by Mls. L. E. Prichitt & Co Limited of UK to spend one year at their plant in Northern Ireland to get a good insight about the world-class manufacturing facility.

In 1991, Ikram went to the world-renowned Victoria College of Agriculture & Horticulture,[3] an affiliate of Melbourne University of Australia for one year, and got an advanced level of dairy processing education from this institute.

Ikram was also the former Honorary Consul for Australia in Karachi Sindh.

Millac Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Ikram has been involved in Millac Foods Pvt. Ltd. activities right from the beginning (purchase of Manga plant, its erection and installation, and starting of production and sales operations) and hence have in-depth knowledge and control of all company activities. Ikram is also on the board of the group companies i.e. Millac Pakistan (Private) Limited, Pakistan Milkfood Manufacturers Limited, and Megalac Pakistan (Private) Limited. In addition, he was also on the Board of the Pakistan Dairy Development Company.

Personal life

Ikram hobbies include flying and scuba diving. He is a licensed pilot from the FAA of the USA and USA certified scuba diver.


  • Track record of over 45 years, with established brands in consumer and the bulk market in Pakistan.
  • The only first Pakistani company specializing in manufacturing Fat Filled Milk Powder (FFMP).
  • The only first Pakistani company registered in USA FDA Certificate (Food & Drug Administration).
  • Sponsors are technically strong, with qualifications as a dairy technologist from Australia.
  • The only Pakistani company exporting butter.
  • The only Pakistani company exporting Powder Milk and Malted milk. The sponsors had been the original Manufacturers of Horlicks (Malted Milk) and had the plant and expertise to re-launch the product.



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