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Evil Commander
Junkion Blacksmith character
Junkion Blacksmith Evil Commander box
Created by

Junkion Blacksmith
Release number

Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Tech Specs

ST09 IN09 SP09

Evil Commander is a fictional character made by Junkion Blacksmith in 2010 as a third-party Transformer. He is an homage to the Transformers character Nemesis Prime and Transformers Headmasters sub-line.

Junkion Blacksmith

Evil Commander is probably evil and very commanding.

Evil Commander is a Headmaster who also transforms into a truck. He is a homage to Nemesis Prime (or possibly Scourge, or Convoy Black, or any other black Optimus Prime recolor).


A prototype of Justice Leader/Evil Commander was displayed at Cybertron Con 2010.[1]


The WTF@TFW podcast for August 5th, 2010 selected pictures of the Junkion Blacksmith Headmaster prototypes as one of the New Picture Picks.[2]

The WTF@TFW podcast for December 30th, 2010 selected pictures of the Evil Commander prototype as one of the New Picture Picks.[3]

The Retro Robot Radio podcast for October 26th, 2013 did a spotlight on the Junkion Blacksmith headmasters.[4]


  • Junkion Blacksmith JB-01B Evil Commander (2010)
Shares a mold with Justice Leader. Turns from robot to semi-truck to head. He comes packaged with a small connector which allows him to become the head of other Junkion Blacksmith Headmasters. When placed in a 1987 Headmaster the chest displays SPD 9, STR 9, INT 9. The toy was remolded into Earth Commander.
Limited to 1000 pieces.



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