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Esmeral (also written Esmeryl) is a female Decepticon first introduced in the Transformers: Victory manga as the wife of Deathsaurus, and is the first known female Decepticon to be introduced in official material.


Generation 1


Along with other Decepticons related to Deathsaurus' troops such as Lyzack, Esmeral was left stranded aboard Deathsaurus' space fortress, prompting her husband and his men to seek reunion with their families through any means necessary. When this was finally achieved and their motivation realized, it led to a peace agreement between Deathsaurus and his Autobot nemesis, Star Saber.


Shattered Glass

Esmeral's Shattered Glass counterpart is a Decepticon reporter; it is unknown whether she had any ties to Deathsaurus, who was a member of the Mayhem Suppression Squad. According to various sources the two were once involved, but when Deathsaurus went into the military Esmeral became an activist, and that while they might one day cross paths again they don't devote too much time to thinking about each other. [1] Another source indicated that Esmeral was out to protect the Klud of hte planet Pequod, a nod to the real world "Save the whales" campaigns.[2] The Shattered Glass version appeared in comics and took her colors from Red Geist, a figure from the Brave toy line who was a recolor of G1 Deathsaurus.
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