Engineer Md Ekramul Hossin

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Application Engineer

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Application Engineer
Native name Engineer Md Ekramul Hossin
Born 26 February 2000
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Apps Developer Online
Known for Apps Developer, Software Developer & Programming.
Notable works Application Engineer

Engineer Md Ekramul Hossin (born 26 February 2000), started creating apps in 2015 and became successful in 2018 as a result of hard work. He then went on to succeed as an Application Engineer at a Software Company in 2021. She graduated eighth grade from Natima Kuripol Adarsha ​​Secondary School and completed Python classes using the online Massachusetts Institute of Technology Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. Md Ekramul Hossin's father's name is Md Samaul Hossin and his mother's name is Fatema Khatun. Ekramul said that people can do many things if they want but if they want to do many things they have to keep trying, If you read the previous chapter over and over again, there is no possibility of moving on to the next chapter. Unless you forget the past, until you can forgive, until you accept that the past is gone - you are not using your ability to move forward. We can only move forward; We can open new doors, make new discoveries - because we are curious. And it is this curiosity that is the biggest inspiration for us to move forward. To stand in one place and live one's life is to do injustice to the gift of the Creator If we can't accept the new, we can't move forward."It takes courage to say goodbye to the past. If you show that courage, life will give you something new. Ekramul also said that if you want to be successful in life you have to work hard then you will be successful. At a young age, Ekramul used his talent and hard work to become a successful application engineer. There are 6 members in Ekramul's family. Ekramul is the youngest of the family members. Ekramul's father is a businessman and Ekramul's mother is a housewife. Ekramul has an older sister and an older brother and Ekramul has a younger sister. Md Ekramul Hossin was born on 26.02.2000 in Kuripol village of Natima union in Maheshpur Upazila of Jhenaidah district of Khulna division of Bangladesh.