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*'''''Lion Rock Micronauts'' Emperor''' (1980)
*'''''Lion Rock Micronauts'' Emperor''' (1980)
*'''''El Greco Oi Astpomaxhtes'' Emperor'''
*'''''Palisades Micronauts'' Emperor with Megas''' (2002)
*'''''Palisades Micronauts'' Emperor with Megas''' (2002)
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[[Category:2002 toys]]
[[Category:2002 toys]]
[[Category:ATR Hobby toys]]
[[Category:ATR Hobby toys]]
[[Category:El Greco toys]]
[[Category:Fictional aliens]]
[[Category:Fictional aliens]]
[[Category:Fictional emperors and empresses]]
[[Category:Fictional emperors and empresses]]

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Micronauts character
Lion Rock Emperor toy box
First appearance

Micronauts volume 1 number 4 by IDW Publishing
Created by

Release number

Aliases Big Emperor
Gender Male
Title The Emperor of All Micronauts
Children Red Falcon (son, IDW Publishing)



The Emperor is a fictional character from the Micronauts series introduced in 1980. He did not appear in Micronauts fiction until 2016.


The Emperor was designed to combine with Megas to form a centaur.


The Emperor toy was designed by Iwakichi Ogawa and was filed for US patent in 1976.[1]

Emperor was released in 1980 by Lion Rock and Gig.

In 2002 Palisades released a set of Emperor and Megas.

Concept art for a new version of the Emperor was done by Dave Waugh as part of Palisades wave 3, although the figure was never produced.[2]

Concept art for a new version of the Emperor was done by Will Jones as part of Palisades wave 3, although the figure was never produced.[3]

ATR Hobby released a custom figure called Overlord which were inspire by the Emperor.

In 2018 Mathew Robert Ignash release parts for Emperor on Shapeways.


2016 IDW Publishing

The Emperor in Micronauts volume number 4 by IDW Publishing

The Emperor appeared in the 2016 Micronauts series by IDW Publishing.

The Emperor appeared in Micronauts number 4 by IDW Publishing.


  • Gig Micronauti Emperor (1980)
A remold and recolor of Baron Karza. Contains glow-in-the-dark parts.
  • Lion Rock Micronauts Emperor (1980)
  • El Greco Oi Astpomaxhtes Emperor
  • Palisades Micronauts Emperor with Megas (2002)
Released as a set in a variety of colors including black/gold, translucent green/silver and white/purple.
  • ATR Hobby Overlord
This figure uses basic body design from Micro Steel Jeeg.
  • Emperor inspired the Microborgs character Galactic Ruler.



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