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Ellie Shim Ponishare-verified.png
Born Ellie Juhee Shim
July 13, 1999 (1999-07-13) (age 23)
Pyeongtaek-si, South Korea
Nationality Korean, American
Education Georgia Institute of Technology
Occupation Actress, Businesswoman
Organization E&D Group, LLC

Ellie Juhee Shim, better known by her stage as Ellie Shim (Korean: 심주희), is a Korean-American actress and businesswoman. She was born in Pyeongtaek-si, South Korea, on July 13, 1999. In addition to her profession as a digital expert at Paramount Global in New York, Ellie is well-known for her business, E&D Group, LLC. [1]

Early life and education

Ellie was born in South Korea and immigrated to the US with her family when she was nine years old. She relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue a B.S. in neuroscience with a minor in health and medical sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Ellie was awarded the Zell Miller Scholarship from Georgia Institute of Technology for college in 2017, which is open to Georgians who have shown academic excellence.

Ellie was selected to take part in the 51st annual Washington Youth Tour, an all-expenses-paid leadership opportunity organized by electric membership organizations in Georgia, such as Coweta-Fayette EMC. The Governor's Honors Program, the National Honor Society, Student Council, Key Club, Debate Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Interact Club, Science Olympiad, and many other prestigious academic organizations, among others, compete for spots in the trip. According to EMC leaders and previous participants, being selected for the trip is an honor, especially since candidates compete for a spot alongside other teens from across the state who are community volunteers, student-athletes, and members of respected academic organizations.

Ellie's very first brand she ever started was in the top 10% of Shopify brands. Sales did, however, eventually start to drop following the first introduction. She rapidly came to the conclusion that prior to ever developing a product, she should have invested more time and effort in research, testing, and marketing. Ellie devoted much too much time to create the "ideal" product. She did not concentrate on examining whether there was indeed a market for the product that would allow it to scale.


The focus of Ellie's first year of business was learning. She poured over entrepreneurial books and studied digital marketing for hours. She is telling herself to enjoy the process even if beginning her own internet business has been difficult so far. She is always driven and inspired by other business owners who are creating goods that enhance people's lives.

Ellie has always been passionate in art and design. She desired a profession that would allow her interests for business, design, and entrepreneurship in the digital arena to benefit people because she is a creative person. Instead of submitting an application to medical school during her final year of college, she made the decision to change course and focus entirely on what she loves. As a result, she spent many hours honing her talents in digital marketing, which helped her obtain a position as a digital expert at Paramount Global in New York. She was involved in digital advertising campaigns at Paramount, working on projects for Showtime Networks, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, Paramount, Pluto TV, and other Paramount brands. One of the top media and entertainment firms is where she continuously learns and develops her marketing abilities.

She was able to launch multiple internet companies by utilizing her expertise and knowledge in digital marketing. She enjoys using UI/UX, digital marketing, and web design at E&D Group to establish brands and express her creativity while developing products that connect with customers and are supported by research, technology, and marketing strategy. Through her own website, Ellie also hopes to assist other young people in pursuing their aspirations of building their own companies and learning digital marketing.

A portfolio of digital goods and e-commerce businesses are managed by the Atlanta, Georgia-based E&D Group. By discussing online business software, SaaS tools, digital marketing tactics, and other topics under the umbrella of E&D Group, her own brand website ellieshim.com assists other companies and budding entrepreneurs in navigating the digital marketing landscape.

Licenses and certifications

Ellie founded the business E&D Group, LLC, commonly known as Elle & Design, in 2021. The Atlanta, Georgia-based E&D Group is responsible for managing a variety of digital brands and products. She founded her personal website under the E&D Group to assist other companies and people with digital marketing. She has acting experience from both Apple's planned 2022 film "Project Artemis" and Venom (Sony's Spider-Man Universe), both of which were released in 2018.


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