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Transformers character
Electro toy
Name Electro
Series Transformers: Generation 2
First appearance Transformers: Generation 2 #6 by Marvel Comics
Alternate modes Hotrod
Function Street Defence (US and Japan), Commander (UK)
Gender Male
Motto "I'm turbocharged and livin' large!"
Rank 5
Sub-group Laser Rods

Electro, also called Electrons is the name of a fictional character in the Transformers series. He is a member of the Autobot Laser Rods introduced in 1994.

Transformers: Generation 2

Electro is the name of an Autobot, a member of the Laser Rods. Lightning fast speed thanks to super-charged engine, posi-traction rear axle, double racing cams and nitro-injected fuel supply! Never backs down out of a fight, or a race. Constantly replaces tires burned out by excessive speeding. Uses powerful light saber to slash through Decepticon armor, then puts the pedal to the metal!


Dreamwave Productions

Blacker, Braver, Electro, Laster and Volt made cameos standing in a building on Cybertron in Dreamwave Productions Transformers: Generation 1 volume 3 #6, "Atonement".

Fun Publications

Electro is among the Generation 2 Autobots on Earth under the command of Spark in the 2010 Botcon story Generation 2: Redux. During a battle with Clench's Decepticon Syndicate he was exposed to Forestonite gas, which seems to have charged his sword with energy.[1]

Electro appears in "A Flash Forward" by Fun Publications. Cliffjumper is assigned to evaluate the powers of the young Autobots who gained powers from forestonite. He tests Firecracker, Electro, Manta Ray, Aquafend, Windbreaker and Road Rocket. Electro demonstrates the ability to shoot electricity from his sword.[2]

Marvel Comics

Electro appeared in the Marvel Transformers Generation 2 comics.

Bludgeon, current leader of the Decepticons planned to create an army of Decepticons, so he constructed the bodies of the Rotor Force and Laser Rods. When Megatron killed Bludgeon and took back leadership of the Decepticons, one of his first actions was to steal the Matrix from Optimus Prime. The Matrix was then used to bring the new Decepticons to life.

Electro first appeared in issue #6 as one of the lifeless Decepticon bodies. In issue #7 Rotor Force (Leadfoot, Manta Ray, Powerdive and Ransack) and the Laser Rods (Electro, Jolt, Sizzle and Volt) were sent to steal Rheanimum, a potent substance Megatron intended to use in his quest for power, from the planet Tykos.

They would appear again in the Autobot-Decepticon alliance, battling against first the forces of Jhiaxus, and then the Swarm.

Volt, Electro, Manta Ray and Lead Foot left the Decepticons and declared themselves Autobots during their final battle.


  • Generation 2 Laser Rod Electro (1994)
Electro came with a sword accessory and a small light emitting diode which could illuminate it. The gold plastic used in his construction tends to turn brittle and break easily with age and sunlight.[3]
  • Timelines Sandstorm with Electrons (2013)
A repaint of Generations Swerve; mold was also used for Kup.


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