Earl L. Brandon Jr.

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Earl L. Brandon Jr.
Born July 15, 1977 (1977-07-15) (age 43)
Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States
Nationality American
Occupation American entrepreneur, Record executive, Writer, and Film producer
Known for Earl Larry Brandon
Height 5'10 Inches
Spouse Cassandra Brandon
Children Kiersten Moore, Mariah Brandon, Kayden Long, Laila Brandon, Leo Brandon & Meadow Brandon.

Earl L. Brandon Jr. also known as "E Brand" was born on July 15, 1977, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana by his father, Earl Brandon Sr, and his mother, Patricia Brandon, along with his younger siblings Justin, Joshua, and Erica Brandon. Earl grew up on the Westbank of New Orleans in Harvey, Louisiana, in the Woodmere subdivision, and attended John Ehret high school in Marrero, Louisiana where he participated in Track & Field. He later attended college at Northwestern State University in Louisiana, where he would major in Electronic Engineering. While attending school there, Earl noticed that there was a lack of New Orleans music being played in the clubs and his school's radio station as well as the need for a hip-hop DJ. Earl appealed to the school radio station's program director and volunteered his services as the school radio station's hip-hop DJ. This then led to him promoting his own parties and concerts, showcasing New Orleans' hip-hop artists, and linking him with some of the biggest talents at that time.[1]

Career & Lifestyle

Earl's professional career began as an HVAC & Refrigeration technician prior to attending college. While attending college and majoring in Electronic Engineering, he developed a passion for music and started working for his school's radio station as a DJ as well as promoting his own parties, concerts and developing strong relationships with prominent music artists and executives. It was then, that Earl developed a passion for the business side of music and the drive to help other artists achieve success. After leaving college his Sophomore year to pursue a career as a music executive, Earl began looking for talent. He was able to sign his first major act following the death of the hip-hip artist, G Slimm who had a successful career with the New Orleans label, Big Boy Records. Prior to his death, G Slimm signed to Relativity Records and was mentoring a group called the Loccest who he had hoped to sign, but was killed weeks later, leaving his protege group without being signed to a record label. Earl was already good friends with all 3 members of The Loccest and they agreed to work with him and began working on an album with production from Ice Mike. The group's first project was very successful and a major learning curve for Earl. Earl then took several years off to learn more about the business of music. He studied and drew his inspiration from successful people in the field of business and music who were making major moves, such as Master P with No Limit Records and Bryan "Baby" and Ronald "Slim" Williams with Cash Money Records. Earl also often spoke with a local promoter, Bobby Marchan, who gave him insight and advice on the music business and was mentored throughout his early career by Timothy "Tim Smooth" Smoot before his untimely death.

In 2012, Earl returned to music, signing local New Orleans artist, Choppa who was known for his hit single, "Choppa Style." Earl would work with Choppa to release several singles and mixtapes. Earl also worked with local hip-hop artist, Modesto "De$to Reyes on several singles and albums before he was gunned down by police in 2020. Earl has since launched a music distribution company and a clothing line with looks inspired by his artists and record label. Earl looks to use his businesses to continue building his career, educate artists and release new music.[2]

Earl is now married with 6 children and hopes to one day pass on his knowledge of music and business to them.

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