Durbar Tarunno

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Durbar Tarunno Verified.png
Type Non-profit organization
Founded May 15, 2020 (2020-05-15) in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Founder(s) Muhammad Abu Abid
Area served Bangladesh
Owner(s) Muhammad Abu Abid
Employees 8k+
Website durbartarunno.org

Durbar Tarunno, sometimes known as দূর্বার তারুণ্য, is a Non-profit organization created by Muhammad Abu Abid in Bangladesh. It helps the poor community of Bangladesh and performs various social activities.[1][2]

About Platform

A passionate Organization of people who wishes to inspire a nation and beyond. Durbar Tarunno[3] is a voluntary organization that originated from Bangladesh. The official registration No. is 06133/2023. Durbar Tarunno has been operated by 23 professionals and with help of thousands of volunteers. Our mission is to globally foster philanthropic works. By designing innovative and inspiring programs, our goal is to engage students and professionals to work together to educate, empower and lift the underprivileged. One of our endeavors is to provide free education, educational materials and support. Our motto is to With youth, With Humanity.

Starting from volunteers, their children, refugees, street children and orphans, poor people, Helpless people, anyone with an underprivileged background is welcome at our door.[4][5][6] One of the highly successful projects that we carried out is the "Free Eid Shopping" program.[7] [8] Here we let people come in and purchase a his preferred for free.[9]

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