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Lost Protectors character
Dungheap art
Created by

Play With This Too
Species Dipterian
Occupation Space wrestler


Champion of Beauty

"I'm too sexy for you apes."


Dungheap is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Wildfly made by Play With This Too.

Lost Protectors

Dungheap is a body builder, space wrestler and romantic lead actor and has a BMOG pterodactyl companion named Flyhook who serves as his promoter.


Desolataur was designed by Steve Redinger. Parts of Desolataur were used to make Dungheap.

The Diptera head was designed by Bill Forster.

The closed hands for Dungheap were designed by Albie Lim.

Multi-Function Pterattackty was designed by Trent Troop.

The name and biographies for Dungheap and Flyhook were done by Mathew Robert Ignash.

In February 2015 Play With This Too released images of the prototype for Desolataur, which included several parts used on Dungheap.

The Non-Dino Squad was released on Shapeways by Prize Inside in March 2017.

Fictional biography

Five time consecutive winner of the Dipterian equivalent of the Mister Universe Pagent, Dungheap (an honored title among his people) is the most beautiful and physically perfect member of his species. He may not be as strong as Muscules, but he's sure he's a thousand times better looking. He's out to prove how wonderful he is to all other species too, even to those he considers to be "ugly apes".
Flyhook may not be the most well connected fight promoter on the circuit, but he may be the most enthusiastic. He is almost constantly seen flying over head near Dungheap, announcing his presence to any who will listen. Dungheap keeps him around because his pickaxe mode makes the perfect toothpick when he has some piece of rotten flesh gets stuck in his mandibles.


  • Prize Inside BMOG Non-Dino Squad (2017)
An new mold by Prize Inside and available in their Shapeways store. Each of three members is a single piece that turn from a prehistoric reptile into a weapon.[1]
A red version of Multi-Function Pterattackty can be used to represent Flyhook.
  • Play With This Too Lost Protectors Dungheap (unreleased)
A 1:12 scale articulated figure with interchangeable head and limbs. He has numerous 5mm connector ports. Comes with alternate hands.
Dungheap shares some parts with Barbaricles, Bitemark, Bloodbath, Bloodsoaked, Calaminous Haagenti, Catastropheles, Count Tuskules, Desolataur, Impirator, King Adder, Lord Tangent von Tuskuleser, Mean Bean Oaktree, Muscules, Prince Carnos, Rawbat, Sir Fangramore LeVenomous, Sir Pythanore, Spine-FCRK, Terrortops, Titanic Triceratops XD, Tri-Gorr and Viper Squire. Dungheap has the same head mold as Diptera.



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