Dullel Kassab

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Dullel Kassab

Dullel Kassab was an Australian woman who travelled to Daesh controlled territory.[1] Commentators have noted how she used social media to post provocative comments, such as that her daughter's choice of video to view was the execution of non-believers.[2]Aft

Kassab travelled to Syria after her husband died near the Turkey-Syria border in late 2013.[1] Her in-laws dispute that her husband was a fighter. According to Kassab's father she travelled to Syria to learn how her husband died, not to support the Daesh regime.[2]

After her arrival in Daesh-controlled Syria Kassab remarried.[1][2] Her family points out that the Daesh regime pressures widows and single women to marry.

Phyllis Chesler noted comments Kassab made that highlighted weaknesses of the Daesh-regime.[3] In particular, she noted the poor level of health care the Daesh regime struggled to provide. She noted that Kassab said the original inhabitants of Daesh controlled region, who resented the foreigners who traveled to assume leadership roles in the regime, gave a second level of worse health care to those foreigners, when they thought they could get away with doing so.


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