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Drillhorn is a Decepticon and member of the Breast Force.


Generation 1

Animated series

Drillhorn appears in Transformers: Victory as one of the three land-based members of the Breast Force, an elite unit of Decepticons so called because they possess detachable breastplates that convert into both weapons and animal-like companion robots. Drillhorn can also combine with five fellow members of this group in order to form the mighty Liokaiser.



  • Generation 1 Drillhorn (1989)
Figure transforms into a drill tank and comes with a breastplate that transforms into a robotic Rhino. It was released in different colors and bearing an Autobot logo as part of the European exclusive Rescue Force line.
  • Combiner Wars Liokaiser (2016)
A remold of Combiner Wars Brawl was used for Drillhorn in the line's version of Liokaiser, which is a combination of the four Victory limbs and Dezarus, who replaces Leozack and Jaruga.


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