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Dr. Zebediah Braxis is a criminally insane scientist from Challenge of the GoBots who several times allied with the Renegades, making him similar to Dr. Arkeville from the Transformers franchise.


Dr. Braxis among other GoBots characters.

Animated series

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Renegade Rhetoric would disclose two further encounters between Braxis and the Guardians, the first of which saw him return to Earth and claim that he had repented of his past evils. However, it proved to be a ruse, which he used to enslave the Guardians, before tricking the Renegades and enslaving the majority of them as well, before being forced to release them. He was subsequently imprisoned but freed by forces from a military regime in Europe known as Brasnya, where he upgraded their military equipment and gave them the edge over a hated rebellion. The Guardians arrived to investigate but were captured, only for Braxis to use the event of their execution to paint himself as a hero and take control of the country before instructing the Guardians to leave. The heroic GoBots were forced to comply, though Leader-1 was confident that the people would soon tire of their new ruler.