Dr. Iftkhar Tyagi

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Dr. Iftkhar Tyagi

Dr. Tyagi in 2023
Born 25 December 1978 (1978-12-25) (age 45)
Bachiti, Saharanpur
Nationality Indian
Occupation Journalist

Dr. Iftkhar Tyagi is an Indian Journalist and Managing Director of Express News Bharat.

Early Life

Dr. Iftkhar Tyagi (born December 25, 1978, in Bachiti, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India) is a distinguished Indian journalist and the Chairman and Managing Director of Express News Bharat channel. Additionally, he holds the prestigious position of President at the Press Association of India. Dr. Tyagi, a dedicated journalist, is renowned for using his platform to be the voice of the voiceless.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Iftkhar Tyagi has been a prominent figure in the field of journalism, hosting several impactful programs. Among these are "Mudde ki Baat," "Sawal to Banta Hai," and "Khaas Mulakaat." His expertise extends to providing comprehensive coverage of general events and elections, showcasing his commitment to keeping the public well-informed. One of Dr. Tyagi's notable strengths lies in conducting insightful interviews with numerous eminent personalities across various fields. His in-depth discussions have added valuable perspectives to the public discourse.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to journalism, Dr. Iftkhar Tyagi has been honored with several awards, including Best Journalist, Excellence in Journalism, and the UP Ratan Award. These accolades underscore his commitment to upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity and excellence. As a seasoned journalist, Dr. Tyagi continues to make significant strides in the media landscape, contributing to the dissemination of information and fostering public awareness. Dr. Iftkhar Tyagi's multifaceted career in journalism, coupled with his commitment to giving a voice to the marginalized, reflects a commendable dedication to the field. His diverse range of programs and the recognition he has received through various awards highlight the impact he has made on the journalistic landscape in India.


Dr. Iftkhar Tyagi embarked on his career journey while pursuing his higher studies, initially assuming the role of a bureau chief at 'India Views' magazine. Transitioning into the electronic media realm, he joined 'Channel 1' as the Bureau Chief for western Uttar Pradesh. Following a brief stint with 'Time TV,' he continued to climb the professional ladder, securing the position of the bureau chief for Uttar Pradesh at the national channel 'TV 24.' Demonstrating unwavering dedication and patience, he achieved the prestigious role of Director for North India at 'Channel TV 24' in 2011, concurrently serving as the Uttar Pradesh head for the national Hindi magazine '7 Days.' In 2007, he expanded his experience by working with 'Career TV' as a zonal coordinator.

The culmination of his extensive experience led Dr. Tyagi to a pivotal decision in 2015 – the establishment of his own channel, 'Express News Live,' initially operating as a regional channel in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Subsequently, he envisioned national prominence for his channel and associated with 'HNN 24X7' as a senior editor. In 2019, he redirected his focus and efforts towards his brainchild, 'Express News Bharat,' which has steadily grown under his leadership. Concurrently, Dr. Tyagi assumed the roles of Chief Editor and owner of the 'Bharat Pravakta' newspaper and magazine.

Beyond his ventures in media, Dr. Tyagi recognized the need for a collective voice for journalists. In 2019, he took a significant step by founding the 'Press Association of India,' an organization dedicated to the empowerment of journalists. This association received official recognition and approval from the Government of India, solidifying Dr. Iftkhar Tyagi's commitment to the betterment of the journalistic community.


Dr. Iftkhar Tyagi's educational journey reflects a profound commitment to learning and a diverse range of academic pursuits. In the 80s, he commenced his early schooling at a Madrasa in Bachiti, Saharanpur. Dr. Tyagi completed his High School education in 1996 and Intermediate in 1998 from BD Inter College Kheta Mughal, Saharanpur, with a subsequent High School completion in 1997 and Intermediate in 1999 with a focus on Urdu studies. His academic pursuits continued as he earned a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from VSKDC Barla, Muzaffarnagar, and another in Urdu from Jamia Urdu, Aligarh, spanning the years 1998-2001. Dr. Tyagi furthered his education with an LLB from DAV PG College, Muzaffarnagar, from 2004-2007. His postgraduate studies include a degree in Mass Communication from Allahabad University (2001-2004) and a Master's in Urdu from Jamia Urdu, Aligarh (2001-2004). Dr. Tyagi culminated his academic journey with a Ph.D. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Glocal University in 2023. Additionally, he pursued Farsi Sium and Hifz e Quran from Ziyaullum Deoband, Saharanpur, showcasing his dedication to a comprehensive and multifaceted education.


Dr. Iftkhar Tyagi hails from a family deeply rooted in the agricultural traditions of Prishtha Bhumi Kisaan. His family history is marked by a legacy of intellectual pursuits, with his grandfather serving as a Munshi in 1929. His late father, Mohd. Idrees Tyagi, was a devout practitioner of Hifz e Quran, showcasing a commitment to religious values. Dr. Tyagi's mother, Zaibunnisa Tyagi, plays a central role as a homemaker in their joint family, sustaining the familial bonds with warmth. In this era, he resides with his two brothers, Israr Tyagi and Abrar Tyagi Qasmi. Dr. Tyagi's family is not only a reflection of religious values but also a testament to unity. His wife, Sehrana Tyagi, is the heart of the family, characterized by simplicity, generosity, and kindness. As a caring mother, she adds to the familial harmony. Together, they have two daughters, Ruqyya Tyagi and Zainab Tyagi, and a son named Abdur Raoof Tyagi. The responsibility of leading the family fell on Dr. Tyagi's shoulders after the loss of his father on November 27, 2007, a role he has undertaken with dedication and resilience.



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