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Dr. Helstrom is a villainous scientist from the Challenge of the GoBots franchise.


Animated series

Helstrom in the animated series.

Dr. Helstrom created a device to amplify the psychic abilities of Mira Shaw, with UNECOM and the Guardians unaware of his villainous true intentions.

Fun Publications

In "The Guardian Smashers", an episode of Challenge of the GoBots Season 2, Dr. Helstrom was among the villains freed by Trident to form the titular group. After the group obtained the Horn of Gabriel, Helstrom created a machine to amplify its magical energies and make it into a global threat so great that the Guardians were forced to leave the planet. However, the Guardian Smashers didn't count on the formation of the Guardian Auxiliary League, a group of human allies of the Guardians assembled by UNECOM. Buddy, the tomboy genius, used her genius to replicate Helstrom's own Psychic Amplifier, which Ms. Shaw used to neutralize the Horn's powers; Helstrom and his colleagues were subsequently defeated. [1]
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