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Transformers character
Beast Wars Double Punch toy
Name Double Punch
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Beast Wars
Transformers: Timelines
Alternate modes Construction vehicle resembling a scorpion/Cybertronian jet, Scorpion
Function Killer Elite, Vanguard of Destruction
Motto "Double the power means double the destruction!"
"Assassination--that is what most dramatically changes the fate of the world."
Partner Beeline, Ravage
Rank 6
Sub-group Action Masters, Convention Exclusives, Ultra Vehicles

Double Punch is a fictional character in the Transformers series. He first appeared as a toy in 1991, a European exclusive Decepticon Action Master. Two later toys were released, both convention exclusives.

Transformers: Generation 1

Double Punch is a Decepticon, later a Predacon.

Generation 1 biography: Forged out of the most hardened metallic substance in Cybertron's remote desert region. Combats computer-driven units in sandstorms with tempratures exceeding 150 Fahrenheit. Has a ferocious temper thats causes him to react violently at anything that crosses his path. Usually aligns with both sides in an argument just to advance his own position in Decepticon ranks. Cunning and cynical, Double Puch can convert into a fearsome, dual clawed robotic scorpion to perform his most diabolial schemes.

Beast Wars biography: Cunning and cynical, Double Punch is an expert in assassination and execution who has acquired numerous killing techniques. Whether robot, beast or human, all beings considered by others as important become his prey. Using a stealth mode that turns his body invisible, he silently approaches his targets and swiftly liquidates them, but by nature he prefers making a blood sacrifice of his enemy openly and in broad daylight. From his tail he injects a deadly net poison that destroys his enemy's nervous system, while from one arm he launches twin energy signature-seeking missiles. The spy drone Beeline that he launches from his other arm he uses by remote control to attack targets 100 km ahead, to search for enemies, or even to transport data-cubes, though he often also employs it to record the scenes of his own assassinations. Usually he aligns with both sides in an argument in order to advance his own position in the Predacon ranks.

Timelines biography: Unruly, destructive and bad tempered are some of the nicer terms that have been attributed to Double Punch. Foul mouthed and intimidating, Double Punch is always the first to spark a fight, preferably leading to a riot. When there is no one to fight, he'll seek out random property to destroy. During his time in the gladatorial pits on Cybertron, he would often destroy his enemies and the tear a section of the stadium down (destroying several audience members with it). Cunning and cynical, Double Punch knows how to play allies against each other to advance his own goals. His armor is forged from hardened metal mined from the desert regions of Cybertron, giving him the ability to take heat well above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. His claws have diamond edged blades to slice into enemy armor and his stinger can fire 500,000 volt electric bursts.

IDW Publishing

Double Punch (based on the 1998 Predacon toy) had a full page biography in the IDW Publishing series Beast Wars Sourcebook.[1]

Fun Publications

Double Punch allied himself with Clench and the Generation 2 Decepticons on Earth in the 2010 Botcon comic. Under the command of Clench the Decepticon Syndicate captured Pyro and the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.[2]


  • Generation 1 Action Master Elite Double Punch (1991)
An "Action Master Elite" figure released in the UK, named Double Punch, which looked like an Actionmaster-sized version of Black Zarak.[3] The four Action Master Elite figures released in Europe were all originally designed to resemble previous figures from the original toy line, but they later changed them all to being original characters. Double Punch was supposed to be Scorponok.
  • Beast Wars Double Punch (1998)
A redeco of Beast Wars Scorponok, released as a Botcon Japan exclusive. Came with his partner Beeline.[4]
  • Timelines Ultra Double Punch (2010)
A recolor of Energon Scorponok, in the colors of the Generation 1 toy. A Botcon 2010 exclusive. Packaged together with the Autobot Turbomaster and the Decepticon Ravage. Only 1500 sets were produced.


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