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Dinobot Island is a location from the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

Animated series

First introduced in The Transformers, Dinobot Island was a curious landmass displaced in time and thus home to many prehistoric creatures, plant-life, and natural formations that no longer existed on modern Earth. Discovered by the Autobots, it was quickly identified as an ideal site for the somewhat clumsy Dinobots to hone their skills, and they were transported there. Unfortunately, the Decepticons learned of the island and set out to exploit its vast energy resources, only to begin negatively affecting the fabric of spacetime by their actions. Luckily, the Dinobots were able to rally their organic counterparts in a vast horde that drove off the Decepticons, and with the aid of the other Autobots the situation was soon stabilized.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" revealed that the Dinobot Island incident was one of several causes of various continuity errors ("temporal anomalies" in-story) that occurred in The Transformers such as characters appearing where they shouldn't be or Bruticus being formed despite the presence in the same scene of individual Combaticons.


Dinobot Island is the first setting for "Primitive Recall", a voice actor play from TFCon, in which the Dinobots and others find Trypticon and various Decepticons trapped in a tar pit on the island (this is blamed on Hasbro in a Fourth wall moment).


Cartoon series

In Transformers: Animated, Dinobot Island is not known to have any special properties, and is merely an uninhabited island off the coast of Detroit that Prowl and Bulkhead relocate the Dinobots to after freeing them from police custody. It was later taken as a base by the villainous Meltdown and his henchmen, who forced the Dinobots to serve them until they were apprehended by Prowl, Bulkhead, and Captain Fanzone. Omega Supreme also crashed here during the first season finale, during which the island served as the site of a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons; the Dinobots did not become involved despite efforts by Optimus Prime to enlist them in the Autobot cause after Bulkhead and Prowl admitted to rescuing the Dinobots in defiance of his previous orders. Meltdown would later return to the island at the invitation of Blackarachnia to assist her in her efforts to become purely technological again, only to betray her and have his own mutation accelerated. Blackarachnia would use the island as a base again to create another techno-organic named Waspinator, while Scrapper and the Dinobot Snarl were recruited from here by Sari Sumdac to join her Emergency Autobots.