Desh Bangla Housing Limited

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Desh Bangla Housing Limited


Founded By  Maruf Ahmed Tanin
Established in Dhaka City,Bangladesh.
Occupation Well Known Real Estate Company.

"Desh Bangla Housing Limited" is one of the leading, largest, well reputed real estate developers and builders organizations in Bangladesh. Founder and Owner Engineer Maruf Ahmed Tanin,he is also known as Maruf Ahmed Tanin Chairman Haji M.A Sahed

Desh Bangla Housing Limited specializes in developing exclusive apartment complexes in prime locations of the Dhaka city. For the people who cherish dream for sweet home.

Desh Bangla Housing Limited is committed to provide excellent services to its customers and it is keen to develop a corporate culture focused on quality in order to excel in its performance.

Desh Bangla Housing Limited uses the highest quality building materials and finishing products to ensure durability and customer satisfaction.

Main concentration of Desh Bangla Housing Limited developed a strong team of such highly skilled, experienced professionals to work under its competent management

Ensures quality construction, commitment and better customer service due experiment and professionalism. Architects who remain innovative, think outside the circle executed project with aesthetic view, well ventilation. Young & Experience professionals in every department also take responsibility in every development.

Skilled Engineers keen observation and involvement committed to quality. Keep environmental and social responsibility in mind when undertaking our projects which gives us to emerge from turbulent market and that's way a special choice for your real estate solution.

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