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Tyler King
Born Dallas, Texas
Nationality American
Occupation Entrepreneur and business consultant
Title CEO of Assuras

Tyler King (born January 14, 1989) is an American entrepreneur and business consultant. King is the CEO of Assuras, a global consultancy firm, a company he founded and turned into a million dollar business.

Early life and education

King was raised in Dallas, Texas in a Christian household. His upbringing and religious environment taught him the true definition of values and determination, keeping him afloat through the difficulties of life, easily.

Since he was a kid, King knew the importance of hardwork and its importance to achieve success. He was determined and ready to face whatever hurdles he encountered.

Despite being a high school dropout, he bagged multiple degrees from several educational institutions such as Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, Michigan State University, Brandeis University, and Penn State University, giving himself an exemplary badge at such a young age.

King started working when he was just 15 years old and plunged to prove his mettle whenever an opportunity arose. He worked hard and over the course of his life he achieved great success as an entrepreneur.


As a child, he was passionate about computers and electronics, and spent most of his time building and fixing those. Strong in decision making, King knew that his first business model would revolve around computer hardware and information technology.

During his senior year, King had to drop out of school to look after the company he founded that earned him $1 million, solely in revenues. It showed the brilliant mind he possessed and the passion with which he decided to take such a huge decision.

King had founded CSR Technology Group, Inc. in high school. This company earned him millions as stated above and with his immense dedication and hard work, he was able to spread the company across US and Canada with over 150 employees in a very short span of time with clients such as Dell, ATT, IBM, Unisys, and Lenovo. The company earned him over a million dollars in revenue, all while King was still in his high school senior year.

At this point, King dropped out of school to focus on his company. The success of CSR Technology Group made King realize that he was capable of accomplishing a lot more in life.

Later, he decided to sell that company off to continue with his studies. His strong educational background and multiple degrees from esteemed institutions corroborated King to achieve milestones that a common man could never think of.

Another company King founded is Incorre Services Limited which provided consultancy services. King worked with many executives as part of this company, he evaluated situations and advised them on effective problem-solving.

King has founded many businesses throughout his career. Perhaps his most notable creation is his consultancy firm Assuras. With his brilliant vision and traction, he found Assuras and turned it into a million-dollar global consulting company. With over 120 employees, the company’s vision is to seek equality and justice within the premise of a corporate empire.

Assuras’ main objective is to give practical advice to entrepreneurs to improve themselves and their dealings by systematically counter-fixing problems from the very bottom of a corporate entity.

Instead of talking to the management, which can, straight up, cause difficulties for everyone, his company’s methodology revolves around interviewing low-level employees and clients to gain more clarity about an organization’s dynamics and day-to-day dealings. Therefore, formulating the best strategy for effective problem-solving.

Besides managing several businesses under his belt, he also enjoys spending time doing things that bring him both peace and excitement. One of his favorite past times is photography which gets him to capture the true beauty of the world. As a successful businessman, he also turned this hobby into a successful media/photography company and launched Images by Tyler King. Through his company, he hopes to inspire people by bringing out the best visuals that show emotions, vibrancy, and colors.

King is also starting an urban street apparel company called the ‘Smoking Astronauts’ which is still in the initial phases of development and market testing. That’s yet another feather to his achievements. King’s personal belief has always revolved around helping others. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why he loves mentoring others too. He loves teaching and wants to leave a safe space for everyone. By creating ease for others, King wishes to create a better world.

False conviction and sentencing

King had no idea what was coming next to haunt him for his entire life. A few years into popularity, he had to face the most unsettling event of his existence when he had to confront the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The whole ordeal was a big blow to his life which took an unexpected U-turn, something that he never ever thought of, even in his wildest nightmares. Soon after he launched his own mega-company, Mr. King was wrongly indicted for teaching one of his friends, computer skills who then hacked into her boss’ emails(to discover sexual harassment that had occurred in her work place). Unaware of what was cooking, King was taken aback when the FBI falsely incarcerated him for the hacking. Although the FBI, later, did discover that King wasn’t the actual hacker yet they decided to take him to trial because it was him who taught her those skills.

It came as an absolute shock to Mr. King but he stood firm to face all consequences. During the trial, she testified against King who was convicted of a digital crime he did not commit. He was sentenced to 6.5 years in jail whereas the main culprit was declared innocent and served no prison time. The whole trauma gave birth to the formation of "A Voice from Prison", King’s non-profit organization that advocates criminal justice reforms and constitutional rights. Through his experience, he could see the injustices taking place inside the walls of the prison and decided to work for the less privileged. Adding to that, he also created awareness in public to support social reforms.

Motivational speaking

King is not just a successful entrepreneur. He’s also known for his motivational speeches. King has always wanted to share his success story with others especially the younger generation. He is known for his public speeches that have fascinated people all over the world, motivating them to do things the right way while also paving a successful path for the younger generations.

Personal life

In his free time King loves to indulge in his hobbies. He's a photographer and also a pilot who loves to fly.


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