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Prof. Dr. Nabi Bux G. Qazi
پروفيسر ڊاڪٽر نبي بخش جي قاضي

Nabi Bux Qazi
}}}}}}}} 7,

}} 1923
Rohri, Sindh, British India
Died 29 June 2015(2015-06-29) (aged 91)
Arnsberg, Germany
Occupation Writer, Researcher
Nationality Pakistani
Ethnicity Sindhi
Citizenship Pakistani
Education Doctor of Philosophy Islamic Studies, Master of Education
Alma mater Rohri Primary School
Period 1950–2015
Subjects Education, Research, Linguistic
Notable work(s) Research in Islamic Studies
Social Harmony

Prof. Dr. Nabi Bux G. Qazi (birth name Nabi Bux) AKA Prof. Dr. N. B. G. Qazi (Template:Lang-sd) was born in a literary family Qazi on 7 April 1923, in Rohri, Sindh now in Pakistan. He got primary education from Rohri and then shifted to Mumbai for higher education, where he done Matriculation, Bachelor of Arts & Masters of Arts in Persian & English subjects. He also done Masters of Education from Sindh and then PhD from Goethe-in-stitute, Bad Reinchenhell, Germany in 1960.
He served as chairman Persian Department in University of Sindh, Additional Secretary Education Department in Government of Sindh and Chairman Sindhi Language Authority. He wrote enormous research papers on Islamic Studies, Sindhi Persian and German Languages and translated famous scholar Gurd Leupki's book in Sindhi Language named "Sachal Sarmast Ain Sandas Eshq". He moved to Germany and married with a German Lady. He died on 29 June 2015 in Germany where he is now buried.

Early life

Prof. Dr. Nabi Bux G. Qazi was born in Rohri city of Sindh where he obtained primary education. His parent sent him to Bombay (Now Mumbai) for getting higher education and he passed Matriculation in Humanities & Science on Sir. F. Souter's Scholarship in 1940. He was famous as book warm in even his childhood.


After getting his matriculation he passed Masters of Arts (Hons) from Bombay in 1944 in Persian, English languages and won J.C.M Gold Medal and then admitted and passed Masters of Arts from Bombay in 1946 (Persian Arabic) and won P.I.B Gold Medal. He came in Sindh and obtained Masters of Education degree in 1953. His subject was Pedagogy and succeeded second first in University and won Chancellor's Gold Medal. For getting advance education he passed Proficiency in German Language from Goethe Institute, Bad Reichenhall, Germany in 1956 in first class following the Doctor of Philosophy in 1960 from Göttingen, Germany on topics: 1. Islamic Studies 2. Semitic Philology (Arabic, Ethiopic) 3. Pedagogy 4. Thesis on "Die Mozaffariden in Iran" in German language. Finally he got Diploma of Short Course in International Affairs and Diplomacy from Administrative Staff College Lahore, Pakistan in 1973.