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Template:Short description Maggie Chen (Chinese: 陈美琪 [IPA: ʈʂhʊn mei t͡ɕhi] Chen Meiqi; born September 24, 1955 as Chen Wenjun 陈文俊) is a Hong Kong born Chinese actress known for her role as Xiaoqing (小青) in the film "New Legend of Madame White Snake" and other roles in movies such as "Supercop 2."[1][2][3]

She is also a philanthropist, polyglot, an author, and a singer-songwriter. She has written and performed her own songs such as "Luo Min Ye" (落玟恋) and the movie song "Qing Si Qian Wo Xin" (情丝牵我心). She has written the books "Wo de Yeman Jimu" (我的野蛮继母) and "Yi Shuang Fei Wang Guangming de Chibang" (一双飞往光明的翅膀).[4] She is proficient in Japanese, French, English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.[5]

Outside the entertainment industry, she is known for her volunteer work and role as a public education figure. Because of her decades of charity work, she has become known as the "mother of angels."[6][7]

She attended the University of Macau, graduating in 1987 with an MBA.[6] In 1999, she married a Chinese-American businessman named Xin Shangyong (忻尚永), and in 2008 they adopted a daughter from Shanxi named Lucia.[5]


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