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Joy Biswas is an Indian Wikipedia editor. He is known for his efforts to counter the effects and causes of Cyberbullying on Wikipedia, particularly through the creation of articles about Cyberbullying. He is a member of WikiProject United Nations.

Work on Wikipedia

He received national press coverage for creating Wikipedia articles about Cyberbullying, as well as his activism to increase their representation on Wikipedia. He made his first edit to Wikipedia in 2017, at the age of 18. He first started contributing to the site when he was 17, and it was when he was 17 that he was first harassed online as a result of his Wikipedia contributions. He began his efforts in regards to Cyberbullying when he was in middle school. He is also a member of Wikipedia's WikiProject India; since then, he has written over hundreds of Wikipedia pages.


He is a member of WikiProject India. He is also a member of the WikiProject Geography and also has worked for WikiProject Villages.