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Hussein Al-Dhufairi
Born 1977 (age 42–43)[1]
Nationality Kuwait
Known for suspected Daesh member

Hussein Al-Dhufairi is a citizen of Kuwait who is suspected member of Daesh.[2] He was arrested, in Manila, Philippines, in March, 2017. He was arrested with Rahaf Zina, a Syrian woman, also suspected of being a member of the group. He was extradited to Kuwait, in April, 2017. The Arab Times reported that Rahaf Zina was al-Dhufairi was his wife.[3] The Philippine Daily Inquirer described her as his sister-in-law, and widow of his recently deceased brother, senior Daesh leader, Abdul Mohsen Al-Dhufairi.[4] The Kuwait Times reported Hussein married his brother's widow.[1]

The Arab Times reported that, following his arrest in Manila, Kuwait executed raids, arresting three of his relatives, and seven other individuals they believed to be his Daesh associates.[3] Officials had orders to "shoot to kill", during the raids. The Arab Times reported that officials found bomb-making supplies during the raids.

Al-Dhufairi entered the Philippines on January 28, 2017.[5] He was reported to have entered the Philippines on a legal work visa. Al-Dhufairi is reported to have contacted Kuwait's diplomatic officials, in the Philippines, to arrange legal travel documents to return to Kuwait.

Daesh leader, Abdul Mohsen Al-Dhufairi, said to be Hussain's brother, was described as "one of the most dangerous Kuwaiti members of Daesh".[3][6]


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