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Fayad Yahya Ahmed al Rami is a citizen of Yemen who was held in extrajudicial detention in the United States Guantanamo Bay detainment camps, in Cuba for seven and a half years.[1] His Guantanamo Internment Serial Number was 683. American intelligence analysts estimate that he was born in 1977, in Aden, Yemen. He was captured in Pakistan in March 2002 and had been sent home to Yemen without charge by December 20, 2009.[2][3]

Combatant Status Review

A Summary of Evidence memo was prepared for his tribunal.[4]

a. The detainee is a supporter of al Qaida:
  1. The detainee is a ########## who traveled to Pakistan via Yemen; Karachi, Pakistan and finally to Lahore, Pakistan prior to 11 September 2001.
  2. The detainee was recruited by a member of the Jama'at al-Tabligh.
  3. Jama'at al-Tabligh, a Pakistani based Islamic missionary organization is being used as a cover to mask travel and activities of terrorists including members of al-Qaida.
  4. The detainee lived in ######### with other Yemeni students.
  5. The detainee was arrested at ######## during a raid by the Pakistani police.
  6. The detainee was transferred to a prison in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Ahmed participated in his Combatant Status Review Tribunal.[5]


Carol Rosenberg, writing in the Miami Herald reported that Fayad Yahya Ahmed al Rami [sic] was one of twelve men transferred from Guantanamo on December 19, 2009.[6]