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Barjam Koro
Born 25 February 1998 (1998-02-25) (age 26)
Berat, Albania
Nationality Albanian
Occupation Influencer
Years active 2013- present
Known for Popular art

Barjam Koro, also known as Brian was born in Berat, Albania, and studies at State University of New York. With more than 4 million followers on Instagram he has emerged as one of the top five most influential art related Instagram Influencers in the world. Brian has been collaborating with different artists on social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube. He has worked on different projects with famous artists such as Jordi Koalitic, Leo Mahalo, Mario Adrion and many more. Brian also works as a Digital Media Marketer and Instagram Marketing for a successful Marketing & Advertising company in the United States. He has worked on different marketing campaigns with famous mobile app developer companies such as CrowdStar and Fun Games For Free. Brian lives in Los Angeles, California.

Early life

Brian was born in February 25, 1998 in Berat, Albania.


Brian started posting on his mainstream Instagram accounts right off the bat in August 2013 teaming up with of various specialists and including distinctive fine arts. During the years he has picked up fame over the Instagram with now more than 4M devotees. The most recent few years his impact and advertising mastery on Instagram has been perceived by numerous significant characters in the field. Brian likewise functions as a Digital Media Marketer for one of the greatest Marketing and Advertising organizations in the United States.

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