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Azizullah is a senior government official in Afghanistan.[1][2][3] The United Nations, and other well respected agencies, have asserted he is tied to atrocities and corruption.


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  2. Phelim Kine (2015-03-15). "Who will police Afghanistan’s policemen?". Al Jazeera. Retrieved 2017-11-26. "Azizullah then strapped the men’s corpses to the hood of one of his vehicles and drove through a local market proclaiming the dead men as terrorists." 
  3. ""Today We Shall All Die": Afghanistan’s Strongmen and the Legacy of Impunity". Human Rights Watch. 2015-03-03. Retrieved 2017-11-26. "Two UN reports produced in 2008 and 2010 allege that Azizullah committed serious abuses during that period while a senior commander with the so-called “campaign force” of the Afghan Security Guard (ASG) that ostensibly guarded foreign military facilities." 

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