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Anne Wyndham (born January 29, 1951) is an American actress who is best known for portraying Rachel Miller, the daughter of Barney Miller, in the television series Barney Miller.

She also portrayed Caroline Murray in the soap opera General Hospital from 1972 to 1973; and as Amy Kaslo Carson on Search for Tomorrow from 1975 through 1978. She guest starred in season two of Kojak as the wife of an arsonist chemistry professor. She also starred on Quincy M.E., Trapper John, M.D., and Werewolf.

Wyndham and a pre-Star Wars Mark Hamill were cast as siblings on General Hospital.[1] In a 1981 profile People magazine described Wyndham as Hamill's "first serious love". Hamill would later describe experiencing seasons of on-set tension, having to work together, after their relationship ended.[2] In a 2017 interview, Hamill attributed his long happy marraige to a non-actor, to learning, through his relationship with Wyndham, the danger of being competitive when in a relationship with a fellow actor.[3]


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  3. Sarah Blake (2017-11-11). "‘I never expected to be remembered for anything’". The Daily Telegraph. "Hamill married Marilou, a former dental hygienist, in December 1978 — right in the middle of the initial Star Wars craze. He explains that he couldn’t have married another actor, a lesson he learnt after a previous relationship with Anne Wyndham, who he starred alongside in US soap opera General Hospital in the early 1970s." 

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