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Akash Noatia

Akash Noatia on Public Place in 2021
Born 29 January 2004 (2004-01-29) (age 18)
Tripura, India
Residence Tripura, India
Nationality Indian
Education Metric pass out
Years active 2021 - present
Known for Musical Artist, Actor, Influencer, Model & Entrepreneur, Youtuber.
Home town Agartala
- About Me

Akash Noatia is a popular Indian Artist, Actor, model, influencer, and digital marketing who is Mostly known as a All Rounder rather than Musician.He is well-known for his cute smile and Influencing in Facebook.He was born on 29 January 2004 in Tripura, India. At the age of 12, he started his digital marketing & Musician career.

Early Life

"Akash Noatia" (was born on 29 January 2004) is a Indian Musical artist who has made a big name in the digital marketing, musician, entrepreneur. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]


Akash Noatia is also known as an Indian famous author and artist. He is a composer, singer, actor, producer, and Influencers in social media. Akash is becoming very popular in Agartala. He has got success after hard work. Akash Noatia will soon get verified in Instagram & Facebook as well.


Personal Life

Akash Noatia is known as an Indian Artist and Digital Marketer. He is a composer, singer, actor, producer, and Influencers in social media.He is presently a social influencer who has left his obstacles behind and made a name and spot for himself. He has an enormous fan base via web-based networking media systems. Being active on social media platforms like Instagram has been quite beneficial for him.He was youngest when he started working as a digital marketers and contain creators and doing many more things without thinking of age as a bar. He has gained immense success in the field.But it was not easy to accept these things in a middle-class family. So his parent opposed it. They said that artists can’t get a stable life it won’t help you pay your bills. But Akash decided not to give up in any condition.[18]

Akash Noatia released music as his passion & career at age of 12, by writing short albums & raps in 2019. Being a complete beginner, he slowly builds up his knowledge through the years, discovering a lot of artists along the way. Now he is ready to put his art for the world to hear.

He was the youngest when he started working as a digital marketer and content creators and doing many more things without thinking of age as a bar. He is a social media influencer and Digital Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Musical Artist. he has gained immense success in the field.[19]

Akash Noatia was came from a middle class Family. In his early age he started to think about Digital marketing and show his creativity in social media section. Recently he was passed out of high school , Now he is pursing his studies in Agartala Higher Secondary School.

Family & Caste

Akash Noatia was born in a Noatia community. His father’s name is Sunirmal Noatia, and his mother’s name is Bhagyati Noatia. He has one brother, and his name Bikash Noatia.

Religion/Religious Views

Akash Noatia follows Hinduism


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