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Transformers character
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Transformers: Generations


Defensor is a fictional character featured in the Transformers franchise, usually as the combined form of the Protectobots and thus a rival to Bruticus, combined form of the Combaticons.

Generation 1

Animated series

Defensor appears in both The Transformers and Transformers: The Headmasters as the combined form of the Protectobots, and often is featured as the opponent of the Combaticons' combined form of Bruticus. Along with the Terrorcons and the Japanese exclusive Trainbots, Defensor was one of the only Combiners whose team did not receive an origin story onscreen.


Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" revealed that the Protectobots gained the ability to form Defensor after they were awakened from stasis by an Energon transfusion from the Aerialbots.

IDW Publishing

In Transformers vs. G.I. Joe, an alternate version of Defensor was created from the Rescuebots.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise

In a variant of the Robots in Disguise continuity, as revealed in "Ask Vector Prime", the Protection Team had the ability to form Defensor prior to their decimation by Megazarak. Hot Spot, the only survivor, was later reborn as a new Defensor after receiving the Matrix of Leadership, and was endowed with the abilities of his fallen comrades. He later used Megazarak's own power to create the Chaos Armor enhancement, and eventually succeeded in defeating the tyrant only to learn of another Megazarak in another universe, whom he set out to defeat.[1]

Transformers: Universe

In the Transformers: Universe toyline, a new version of Defensor was featured as a recolor of Sixturbo.

Fun Publications

According to the Fun Publications Ask Vector Prime stories this Defensor comes from Aurex 1104.30-DB Zeta, part of the Unicron Trilogy series. Defensor was born from Doctor Brian Jones's attempts at reverse-engineering Maximus combiner technology and applying it to Mini-Con anatomy. Superion, Defensor, and Rail Racer fought Devastator in the Combiner Wars during the Unicron Singularity crisis.


Aligned Continuity


Defensor was featured in Transformers: Exodus as the first Autobot Combiner, created to deal with the threat of Bruticus.


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