Deepak Pathak

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Deepak Pathak
Deepak Pathak
Native name दीपक पाठक
Born 21 July 1991 (1991-07-21) (age 31)
Mumbai, India
Residence Bangalore, India
Nationality Indian
Citizenship India
Education Bachelor of Commerce
Alma mater Samyak College
Occupation Entrepreneur
Years active 2010 - Present
Employer Janalaxmi Designs
Organization Janalaxmi Designs
Height 168 cm
Weight 69 Kilograms
Title Founder of Janalaxmi Designs
Religion Hinduism
Spouse Annu Pathak
  • Vinita Pathak
  • Digamber Pathak

Deepak Pathak is an Indian businessman and entrepreneur from Bangalore, India. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Janalaxmi Design, an interior designing company in Bangalore.[1]

Deepak Pathak is a recognized face in the interior design industry.[2] Janalaxmi Designs has become a prominent face in the market, providing stellar affordability and quality assurance. It has worked for many reputed brands.[3]

Early Life

Deepak Pathak was born on 21 July 1991 in Kalyan, Mumbai, India. His father, Digamber Pathak, works at Valson Industries Limited for the last 15 years, while his mother, Vinita Pathak, is a housewife. Deepak was raised in a middle-class family with his three sisters.[4]


Deepak Pathak completed his education in Mumbai itself. He did schooling at Nutan High School. He is a commerce graduate alumnus from Samyak College, Mumbai. Deepak Pathak completed his intermediate studies at Model College.


Deepak Pathak is the only son in the family. He grew up in a family of 4 women that includes his three sisters Kavita Pathak, Savita Pathak, and Sangeeta Pathak. Mr. Pathak got married to Annu Pathak on December 6, 2020, and now the couple has a son, Advik Pathak. Growing up with his three sisters, Deepak was the most pampered member of the family.


Deepak Pathak began his career in Goa. He worked as a business development manager there. During his stay in Goa, he started taking interest in designing. He came back to Mumbai and started Rudra builders and developers in 2014. His journey was not easy.[5]

Rudra builders and developers had to shut down. The company faced a lot of financial crises. However, this did not stop Deepak Pathak. In 2017, he launched his own interior design company under the name "JANALAXMI Design & Art." He formed partnerships with other reputable makers of woodwork decorations and crafts.[6]

Currently, the company is flourishing. It creates interiors for numerous homes, shops, showrooms, and businesses. This includes big companies like Wipro. Rather than just a business, Janalaxmi Design is a mission for Deepak.[7]


Deepak Pathak struggled a lot at the beginning of his career. He changed many jobs. However, he claims that he never allowed the difficult times to shake his self-assurance. Even after his "Rudra Builders and Developers" shut down because of financial loss, he did not lose confidence. Rather, he started another company.[8]

Since its launch in 2017, Janalaxmi Designs is an interior design company that has rapidly grown in popularity and market share. The interior design brand has worked for many industries including hotels, workplaces, posh office locations, and residences.

They even source the optimum quality wood from reliable sources. Janalaxmi Designs' past projects include high-profile clients like Wipro, Emami, etc.

In 2021, Deepak Pathak was honored with the "Best Interior Designers 2021" award at the 2021 Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards & Conference. It was organized by Start-up Research Intelligence Private Limited. He also received an award for Outstanding & Promising Interior Design Firm of the year in 2021.


Deepak Pathak is 168 centimeters in height, and his weight is 69kilograms. He has black eyes and black hair. Deepak Pathak's zodiac sign is pisces.

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