Deep Dive (Transformers)

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Transformers character
Reveal the Shield Deep Dive Box
Name Deep Dive
Series Transformers: Reveal the Shield
Alternate modes Hovercraft
Gender Male
Rank 5
Sub-group Voyagers

Deep Dive is a fictional character in the Transformers series. He is an Autobot who turns into a hovercraft.

Transformers: Reveal the Shield

Fictional biography

Deep Dive loves the sea. Floating on the calm, dark blue waters of the deepest ocean with land nowhere in sight, he can finally relax and reflect. Far away from Decepticons and Autotbots alike, he contemplates the true meaning of life. He appears outwardly calm, but inside his mind roils with philosophical concepts both complex and mundane. One day soon, when the war finally ends, he hopes to share his thoughts with his fellow warriors, and show them that there are more important things in life than mere victory.


  • Reveal the Shield Voyager Deep Dive (2011)
A recolor of Transformers Sea Spray. This toy was recolored into Timelines Octopunch.



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