Decepticon Hideout

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Decepticon Hideout  
Cover of Decepticon Hideout
Author(s) John Grant
Illustrator Graham Potts
Language English
Series Transformers
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Ladybird Books
Publication date 1986
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 48
ISBN 072140989X
Preceded by Galvatron's Air Attack
Followed by Decepticons at the Pole

Decepticon Hideout is a children's book with optional companion audio cassette in the Transformers series. It was written by John Grant and illustrated by Graham Potts. It was published in 1986 by Ladybird Books.[1]


The Decepticons launch a surprise attack on the Autobot base, leading the Autobots to realise they have established a base close by. Bumblebee follows a Decepticon recovery crew to an abandoned warehouse on a nearby industrial estate. At the suggestion of Spike's father, the Autobots take up position in a neighbouring building then, when the estate is closed for holidays, launch an attack on the Decepticons. Ultra Magnus and Galvatron end up in single combat and when Galvatron appears triumphant Spike strikes him with a wrecking ball before bringing a wall down on the Decepticons, causing them to retreat.


  • This story was released as an audiobook.
  • Other Transformers featured in the story include Hot Rod, Mirage, Hound, Huffer, Onslaught, Brawl, Swindle and Grapple.
  • As in Laserbeak's Fury, it is stated the Autobots have a rule that the property of Earth people must not be harmed, hence they rebuild the damage done to the industrial estate before the humans return.


  1. Grant, John (1986). Decepticon Hideout. Ladybird Books. ISBN 072140989X. 

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