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Deathsaurus' Fortress (alternatively called Deszaras' Fortress) is a massive space craft from the Transformers: Victory branch of the Transformers series, specifically in the Transformers: Generation 1 continuity exclusive to Japan.


Generation 1

Animated series

The fortress was built by Deathsaurus in a bid to cement his position as Decepticon Emperor of Destruction, and was a massive craft bristling with weaponry. Originally crewed by a massive force of Decepticons, it was attacked by a similarly large force of Autobots led by Star Saber who affixed devices to it that used its own Energon to move it into a gravity pocket in the Dark Nebula, leaving it powerless and trapped. Furious, Deathsaurus swore to recover the fortress and have his revenge on Star Saber, and spent years in preparation for this very event. He eventually set his sights on Earth, and with his Dinoforce and Breast Force minions began securing energy from the planet in a bid to repower the fortress. After some time, Deathsaurus brought the Thunder Arrow to the fortress and used the Energon he had collected thus far to power it up; though it was not enough to make the fortress capable of escaping the nebula, it did prove that the fortress was still functional.

As time went on and the Autobots continued to frustrate his efforts, Deathsaurus became increasingly determined to recover his fortress and finally determined a means of acquiring the necessary energy: raising the sunken continent of Atlantis to the surface. After acquiring Energon hidden on the landmass, Deathsaurus departed to revive his fortress, leaving the Dinoforce behind in the process as he took the Breast Force to revitalize the fortress. Succeeding, he soon targeted Earth and began bombarding it with the fortress' weaponry, easily defeating the Autobots' attempts to stop him until the abandoned Goryu gave Jan Minakaze intelligence necessary to disable it. Jan infiltrated the fortress and accomplished this as Victory Leo finished off Liokaiser, and after the fortress was crippled Deathsaurus and Star Saber faced off in a final duel. Star Saber proved victorious, but Deathsaurus set the fortress on a collision course for Earth; fortunately, it was destroyed by the might of Victory Saber.


In the Victory manga, an additional reason for Deathsaurus' determination to recover the fortress is featured: it holds the families of his group of Decepticons, including his own partner Esmeral, Leozack's sister Lyzack, and the offspring of the Dinoforce members. As in the anime he is able to reactivate it, but in this continuity it is he who faces Victory Leo outside the fortress in space. A treacherous attack by Leozack leaves him injured but not destroyed, and after Leozack is defeated Deathsaurus boards the intact fortress and reveals its inhabitants.