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Transformers character
Dauros in the Transformers: Super-God Masterforce anime series
Name Dauros
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Japanese voice actor Daisuke Gori
First appearance Transformers: Masterforce episode "Rise Up!! Pretenders"
Alternate modes Cybertronian tank
Function Explosive Attack Staff
Gender Male
Rank 6
Sub-group Pretenders

Dauros is a fictional character from the Transformers series introduced in 1988. He was one of the main villains in the anime series Transformers: Masterforce. He should not be confused with Skullgrin, who has an identical toy, but is protrayed as a different character.

Transformers: Generation 1

Dauros' can use of hypnosis to control animals and direct them to charge at enemies. He is the strongest of the Decepticon Pretenders, and a specialist of explosives. Dauros was responsible for causing the myth of the “Minotaur”. He loves the smell of gunpowder which is why he became a bomb specialist. Has a very changeable character. The majority of all unknown explosion causes are all his doing.

In the Masterforce series, Pretenders don't split from their shells, but change their forms from shell to robot. Dauros' shell is supposed to resemble a demon, and can change size from slightly larger than a human to full size. His weapons include an Oval Cutter sword and his Gigaton Magnum gun. [1] In tank mode he can tunnel through the Earth and has limited flight capabilities. [2]

Animated series

In the Japanese Masterforce series Dauros was one of the three Decepticon Pretenders that served under Mega and Giga.

Dauros first appeared in episode #1 of the Masterforce animated series "Rise Up!! Pretenders" where he and the other Decepticon Pretenders took Go Shooter hostage with the aid of several Tentakil drones. They were defeated by the four Autobot Pretenders.

Dauros last appears in episode #42 "A Battle... and Then..." where the Decepticon Pretenders flee an enraged Black Zarak.[3]


  • Generation 1 Pretender Dauros (1988)
This toy is identical to the Skullgrin toy, but the characterization on the box was completely original.



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