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Daniel Mester
Born September 2, 1985 (1985-09-02) (age 38)
Nationality Israeli
Occupation Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Founder & CEO of Masa Media Digital LTD
Organization Masa Media Digital LTD

Daniel Mester was born on September 02, 1985. He is an Israeli Entrepreneur, Google Specialist and the founder of Masa Media, a boutique SEO and marketing agency that is bringing success to hundreds of companies worldwide.


Daniel Mester has earned his B.A in Media and Marketing in 2011, from Sapir College in Sderot, Israel. In 2012 he completed his SEO studies at New Media Academy and received a formal certification. Each year he takes the international exams from Google to maintain his status as a certified Google Partner.


Daniel Mester is an Entrepreneur that is best known for his SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work with various large-scale companies. During his first steps in the industry, he excelled in his job for Zap Group and later on for the worldwide company 888. Later on, in December 2014 he founded Masa Media. His work has been featured in the top media outlets in Israel. His innovative and cutting-edge marketing techniques have helped businesses get hundreds of thousands of new customers.

Other than his role in Masa Media, Daniel serves as an external court specialist in matters that involve SEO and digital marketing. He is also a consultant for major companies and a lecturer in the leading digital marketing colleges in Israel.

When he's not shaking up the marketing world, Daniel enjoys spending time with his young child, engaging in sports activities and playing Chess. He's an avid reader who loves to challenge himself and learn new things daily.

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