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Dharam Raj Upadhyay

Dr. DR Upadhyay (born 16th December 1962 AD) know professionally as Lyricist, Singer, Composer, Writer is a World Records Holder in 132 titles.[1]

Early Life

Upadhyay's real name is Dharmaraj Upadhyay, and he was born in 1962 as the youngest son of Shiva Shankar Prasad Upadhyay and Umadevi Khanal Upadhyay in Birgunj, Parsa district. He grew up with his parents by his side and graduated from the Tri-Juddha Vocational High School in the village with an SLC diploma. After that, he began attending a higher education institution in Kathmandu. He eventually travelled to India and graduated with a doctorate. From an early age, he had a passion for writing songs and poems. He used to compose various poems and songs and show them to his grandparents and his friends [2] [3]

World record songwriter and novelist Dr. DR Upadhyay has previously held 110 world records including the Guinness Book of World Records in various categories, has reached 132 world records.[4]

Music And Acheivement

The highest global record for Nepali songs and music has been set by Upadhyay. He just set global records in 19 more musical genres, bringing his total of 52 world records to date. For his literary songs, he has been awarded certifications from the Guinness Book of World Records, Book of America, Australia, London, UK, and other world record organisations. Asian World Record, Champion Book of World Records, World Talent Book, Everest World Record, European Record Book, URF World Record, Asian World Record, The British World Record, and Wegd World Upadhyay are only a few of the records that have been recorded in the past. He simultaneously released 36 tracks from albums with seven songs.A song with three octaves, based on the names of Mount Everest climbers, the title of the first novel to be published in Nepal, and the name of the highest peak in the world The music, a world record for the most plant and tree names used in a single song. [5] [6] The tiniest songbook in the world (2 by 2 inches), a song that uses the word "heart" multiple times, and its success in remaining constant. Upadhyay recently set 19 records, including writing and releasing four songs in a single day, writing a song with only 18 letters, and writing songs with the names of 175 different countries' currencies. He also made songs with the names of more than 150 different tourist spots.[7] World record songwriter Dr. DR Upadhyay/Khanal has set a world record by releasing a song in fifty international languages.[8] [9] He established a document. In addition, he has recorded songs with the names of 164 different bird species from around the world, the names of 55 different flowers, the most common uses of the words "mother" and "father," and more. His songs are more well-known. The songs by Upadhyay have outstanding music videos as well. The well-known lyricist Upadhyay has popularised Nepali music and songs worldwide and increased Nepal's pride in all world records, including the Guinness Book of World Records and the American World Book of World Records.[10] Previously, he set world records in a variety of categories, including songs in 50 international languages, the most articles published in daily newspapers in one day, the smallest book of songs, the note-size book of songs, writing 370 articles in one year, writing songs about tourist attractions in 150 countries, and writing the shortest song. On Sunday, Dr. Upadhyaya Musician played melody in 25 singles, lyrics poem English alphabet A to Z, sitting on a stone on water album release, an album of 45 videos of his songs, rap songs 4/4, 2/4, 6/ Poetry songs in the 8th and 3/4 scales are named after people who have travelled to space.[11] [12] [13]


Dr. Upadhyay has been awarded Everest World Record, Champion Book of World Record, Asian World Record, European Record Book, America Book of Record, The British World Record, Exclusive World Record, URF World Record, Supreme World Record, King’s Book of Record, World Talent Book etc. 11 different organizations that provide the world record have provided the certificate of the world record. Dr. Upadhyay was also recently honored with Shri Dada Saheb Phalke Samman and Award in India. [14] [15] [16]