Cuyler Pagano

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Cuyler Pagano
Born October 24, 1985 (1985-10-24) (age 37)
Hartford, Connecticut
Alma mater Springfield Technical Community College
Occupation Comic creator, entrepreneur and YouTube personality
Title CEO and founder of ABRAXAS DAO

Cuyler Pagano (born October 24th, 1985) is an American comic creator, entrepreneur and YouTube personality. He is the CEO and founder of ABRAXAS DAO.[1] Previously, Pagano served as the Vice President of 1 Internet Marketing and was also the former owner of ABQ Beer. Pagano is also known for his YouTube channel Bit-Rush Crypto where he uploads cryptocurrency videos especially videos related to NFTs.[2][3][4]

Life and career

Pagano was born October 24th, 1985 in Hartford, Connecticut. He was raised in a small New England town of Palmer, Massachusetts.

He graduated from Palmer High School in 2004 before beginning a career in the culinary industry and later on obtained the title of sous chef while working at popular Italian restaurant Bella Piatti in Wilbraham, MA.

Pagano then went on to work as Kitchen Manager of the American Grille inside the Sturbridge Host Hotel and Conference Center. Eventually Pagano ended his career in culinary arts as sous chef at the Ugly Duckling and Whistling Swan in Sturbridge, MA. At this time Cuyler had gone back to school getting his certificate in Computer Systems Engineering at Springfield Technical Community College.

Pagano then started his career as an entrepreneur with his web business Digital Key Design.

After several years of success in web development Cuyler Pagano partnered with another local web business to form 1 Internet Marketing. It was here he honed his skills and became one of the top digital marketing agencies in Albuquerque New Mexico where he specialized in Positive ROI marketing Campaigns. 1 Internet Marketing ranked locally and nationally for SEO, SEM, Social Media, Digital Video, and Email Marketing amongst many others.

Pagano also began to develop a love for craft beer and started a local Albuquerque beer blog and news site known as ABQ Beer. He was an active member in the home brewing and local craft beer communities in Albuquerque and placed in a few Home Brewing competitions with his own recipes. Pagano also partnered with several Albuquerque Breweries to release collaboration beers as a professional brewer.

He later started learning about crypto currencies and blockchain technologies. It was at this time he started his own educational YouTube channel known as Bit-Rush Crypto.

Now fully immersed in blockchain tech Pagano went on to start his very own NFT project the Crypto Punkins, a fun Halloween themed non-fungible token that featured 666 randomly generated Pumpkin Head Punks.

After collaborating with several other NFT projects and helping to build Web3 dApps, he founded the Abraxas DAO. Abraxas DAO is web3 entertainment company focused on comics, games and other unique digital experiences. Expanding on the Crypto Punkins, Pagano began creating the Punkin Patch Comic Book and Game.


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