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Crazybolt is the name of several Transformers characters. One is a member of the Predacons in Beast Wars Neo, while the other is a Decepticon in the Aligned Continuity.

Beast Wars Neo


  • Takara Beast Wars Neo Crazybolt
A recolor of Beast Wars Transformers Iguanus.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Animated series

The Decepticon version of Crazybolt has a fire-breathing lizard robot form and transforms into a Muscle car; he is constantly accompanied by the reptilian Mini-Con Slicedice. This Crazybolt is obsessed with constant speed and destroying any obstacles in his path; he and his devotee Slicedice propound a philosophy of "Illumination through acceleration!" He ends up a member of the Decepticon Island forces after the Alchemor crash-lands on Earth, and sets a number of fires in his mad quest. His initial engagements with the Autobots end with his escape, as the Autobots are forced to break off pursuit of him in order to save humans from the results of his behavior. However, he is eventually captured by Bumblebee and Grimlock during a confrontation with him, Scorponok, Slicedice, Bludgeon, and Clout.


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