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Headrobots character
Headrobots Courageous
First appearance

Undercover!! The Great Drone Counteroffensive, November 2012
Created by

Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Robotic head, Car and driver

Courageous is a fictional character made by third-party Transformer homage to Robots in Disguise Fortress Maximus made by Headrobots in 2012.


In 2012 Headrobots created a Robots in Disguise Fortress Maximus homage named Courageous. The BMax mentioned in his biography is a reference to Brave Maximus, the Japanese name of Robots in Disguise Fortress Maximus. The Good Leader and Dark One are references to Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Courageous was the featured character in the "BE COURAGEOUS: FIGHT THE BAN" art by Silas Zee, protesting the ban on third-party Transformers at BotCon 2012.[1]

This Courageous should not be confused with the GoBot Power Warrior called Courageous or the Dr. Wu. gun accessories for Transformers: Prime Arcee called Courageous.


Courageous was announced in March 2012.[2]

Preorders for Courageous went up at the end of March 2012.[3]


Fictional biography

Courageous is the head of The Brain, which is the link to BMax. Only the Good Leader or the Dark One can awaken Courageous. Whoever commander Courageous will tilt the power of their favor. Unless Crystal Cobra gets control of The Brain first.


In Undercover!! The Great Drone Counteroffensive Courageous steals a mysterious disc from the evil Headrobots. He uses it's powerful algorithm to create Drone from the source codes of himself, Stronghold, Centurion and Hothead. In the story Courageous uses the Generaton 1 Chromedome body.[4]


  • Headrobots Courageous (2012)
A recolor of Centurion exclusive to Megatoyfan. Comes with two heads/robots and a sword. Limited to 200 pieces which sold for $70.



  4. "Undercover!! The Great Drone Counteroffensive" Headrobots 2 (November 12th, 2012), Headrobots

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