Cory Carnley

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Cory Carnley
Born Gainesville, Florida
Nationality American
Occupation Tobacconist

Cory Carnley is a dedicated cigar enthusiast who holds certifications as a tobacconist, in bartending, and in responsible vending.[1][2][3]


Carnley’s interest in tobacco was piqued at a young age, but it began to burgeon when he turned eighteen and smoked two celebratory cigars back-to-back. Soon thereafter, he became the youngest member ever of the premium cigar industry’s primary lobbying organization, Cigar Rights of America.[4] Cory Carnley has intently researched and experimented with a wide variety of tobacco products and accoutrements in order to educate himself on the many tobacco industries and still continues to do so.

Carnley’s experience with tobacco products includes premium cigars, premium cigarillos, “gas station” cigarillos, cigarettes, pipes, hookah, chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, and nasal snuff.


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