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Cloudraker is an Autobot, specifically a member of the Autobot Clones with his brother Fastlane, who transforms into a jet.


Generation 1

Animated series

Cloudraker and Fastlane appeared only briefly in The Transformers, debuting during the three-part finale "The Rebirth."

The Autobot Clones received an expanded role in Transformers: The Headmasters, in which they were once the friends of the Decepticon Clones. However, after the group parted ways, the Autobot Clones discovered the two halves of a skull that was key to unlocking a legendary store of energy, while the Decepticon Clones threw in their lot with the evil Decepticons. When next they met, the Decepticon Clones were attacking their former friends in a bid to seize the skull key, which they later succeeded in doing after joining up with Scorponok's forces. Fortunately, Cloudraker and his brother were able to join up with Fortress Maximus' force of Autobots.