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Industry Cloud computing, Software as a service
Area served Worldwide
Website cloudi-fi.com

Cloudi-Fi is a cloud delivered SaaS platform known for providing a secure global solution for Guest WiFi and Corporate WiFi.[1]


Cloudi-Fi was founded in 2015 by Damien Chastrette and William Miroux who met at Zscaler as early employees.[2] The solution was developed in France in stealth mode via a process of continuous innovation in partnership with large businesses.[3]

As of January 2020, Cloudi-Fi has more than 50 large global brands and is deployed on several thousands hotspots across all continents.[4]

Cloudi-Fi has been self-funded and profitable from the beginning with offices in Paris and New York and partnership in Dubai for the EMEA region and in China.[5]


  • 2015 - 1st large worldwide contract in luxury sector for all aspects of company WiFi.
  • 2015 - Worldwide contract with one of the largest sport retailers.
  • 2017 - European contract with hundreds shopping malls.
  • 2018 - Cloudi-Fi rewarded as one of the most innovative French startups by Business France and La French Tech.[6]
  • 2018 - First partnership in China mainland with CBCcom.
  • 2018 - First large bank client in Africa.
  • 2018 - Worldwide contract for guest WiFi in offices with one of the leaders in energy which has +90K employees.
  • 2019 - Cloudi-Fi rewarded, for the second time, as one of the most innovativeFrench startups by Business France and La French Tech. Cloudi-Fi represented France at the NRF show in New York.
  • 2019 - Large partnership with Zservices in Dubai for the EMEA region.
  • 2019 - Large partnership with one of the largest telecom in the USA.
  • 2020 - NRF Conference presence.
  • 2020 - Opening of the US office in New York USA.
  • 2020 - Cloudi-Fi ranked in the Top 10 French technology companies among 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies by the Financial Times[7]


Cloudi-Fi has a wide global network ranging from technological partners to resellers and direct clients. Among the most well-known: Zscaler, Meraki, Riverbed, Cisco, Verizon, Aruba, Axians, Orange and many others.[8][9]


Cloudi-Fi solution transforms WiFi access into a new communication channel that provides visitors and employees with digital, personalized and scalable services on any type of existing infrastructure and ecosystem.[10]

One of the main purposes is to leverage data for companies and offer better experiences to visitors while being compliant with local regulations. The solution is flexible and allows users to choose among their favorite connection modes: from email or phone to social networks. In 2020, Cloudi-Fi is the only Non-Chinese player to provide the WeChat connector on the guest WiFi.[11]

The technology identifies and recognizes visitors to build enriched user profiles and display personalized messages and services. Analytics are available to help companies to understand the use of the guest WiFi solution and adjust their strategy.[12]

Management and services

The service is centrally managed and fully customizable for Analytics reporting, CRM integration, user engagement and marketing services.[13] Cloudi-Fi allows users to log in with extensive social media connectors (WeChat, Vkontakte, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc) in addition to usual connection mode.[14]

Cloudi-Fi deployment enables businesses to collect GDPR compliant customers’ data including tracking worldwide location and shopping patterns and habits that are highly valuable for marketing analytics.[15]

Cloudi-Fi solution is used across all verticals: enterprise, retail, hospitality, banks etc. The solution does not need any hardware or software and is fully compatible with all legacy systems. [16]

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