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| name  = CloudApp
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| type = Content management and file sharing

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Type Content management and file sharing
Industry Cloud storage, File hosting
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Key people Scott Smith (CEO)
Website getcloudapp.com

CloudApp is an American software company based in San Francisco, California that specializes in providing cloud-based screen and video capture software applications.


CloudApp was founded in 2016 by Tyler Koblasa and Scott Smith[1][2], with its main office located in San Francisco. The company later continued to expand globally.[3]

According to Inc magazine, there were 65,000 users per month as of 2017.[4]


CloudApp is a freemium application that allows cloud-based file sharing and also a screen recording tool.[5][6] With CloudApp, the screen recorder and webcam can be used at the same time.[7] Files can be copied and pasted into Slack.[8] CloudApp also allows images to be annotated and commented on.[9] It is compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, Chrome, and Linux, as well as mobile devices.[10][8] Features include screen recording, screen capture, a snipping tool, GIF creation,[11] and email personalization.[12]


CloudApp integrates with many third-party platforms and services, most notably with Google Docs, Slack, GitHub, Wordpress, and Zendesk,[13] in addition to many other platforms.[14]


CloudApp received funding between 2016 and 2017. CloudApp is funded by 15 investors, with Cervin Ventures and Adobe Fund for Design[15] being the most recent to allocate funding towards CloudApp.[16]


CloudApp was listed by FinancesOnline as one of the Top 500 Collaboration Software products.[17] In May 2019, another $4.3 million in seed funding was raised.[18][19]

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