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Clipper is a female Autobot and Micromaster from the Transformers franchise who transforms into a sports car.


Generation 1

Animated series

Introduced in Transformers: Victory, Clipper is the girlfriend of Stakeout, who remained behind on planet Micro as an assistant to Governor Riker while Stakeout's team joined the Autobots under Star Saber. Stakeout was later reunited with her when the Autobots visited Micro in response to attacks by Blue Bacchus and Black Shadow. She would work with the Autobots during their resulting engagements with the Decepticons on Micro, including the debut of Liokaiser in the conflict, and remained on the planet when they departed. After Dezarus' defeat the Micromasters returned home and were reunited with her.

Clipper has a very teasing personality, always poking fun at her boyfriend and enjoying his discomfiture in front of his teammates, and even behaving flirtatiously around Star Saber.