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Starriors character
Clawgut toy on card
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Species Starrior



Wastor Pincer

"But... they were awful tough. Maybe we should have reinforcements."
Alternate mode

Hi-Crusin Position, Lo-Crusin Position

Clawgut is a fictional character from the Starriors series in 1984. He is an evil member of the Destructors and has a pincer in his chest.


Clawgut is a Destructor Wastor equipped with a pincer in his chest. His right hand has a fist and laser and his left hand is sharp claw. He can be reassembled into Hi-Crusin Position and Lo-Crusin Position.

Destructors are programmed to destroy mutants and invading aliens. Wastors are a humanoid series of Starrior, roughly the same height as an adult human, though somewhat bulkier.


Clawgut was part of the second wave of Wastors.

Fictional biography

Clawgut: A spiteful cowardly Wastor quick to instigate trouble for others.


1984 Marvel Comics

Pack-in comics
Clawguy and Slice in Starriors volume 1 issue 6 by Marvel Comics

Clawgut appeared in issue 6, "Bolar!".


Clawgut, Ripsaw and Windstorm appeared in a 1984 Starriors commercial together. Clawgut has the upper hand against Ripsaw until Windstorm came to his rescue.[1]


  • Tomy Starriors Wastors Clawgut (1984)
Clawgut is made up of 6 parts that assemble into different configurations. The arms and legs are attached to the body with 5mm pegs and holes, while the head is attached to the body with a 3mm peg and hole. He has a 5mm peg on the top of each shoulder. He has a 3mm peg on the side of each arm and foot.
This toy came with one of six Starriors pack-in comics.
This toy was recolored into R.A.T.S. Delfighter S-2.


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